Multi-tasking, how not to get s##t done!

When you’ve got 101 things to do and only so many hours in a day, what better way to achieve your goals than multi-task?

Right? Wrong!

Research has shown that our brains are not as good at handling many tasks as we like to think they are. Some researchers suggest that multi-tasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40%.

Performing several tasks at once is a sure-fire way to produce mediocre results. So rather than doing all the things, all at once. Slow down, stop, regroup, think and prioritise your workload.

Introducing the Pomodoro Technique!!

Developed by Francesco Cirillo, the technique involves using an interval timer. In Francesco's case, he used a tomato-shaped (Pomodoro) kitchen timer. The idea is to create 25-minute bursts of productivity, followed by a short break.

· Identify the task

· Set the timer

· Work on the task

· Stop work when the timer pings, record the interval with a tick/number

· Take a short break (3–5 minutes) and then return to step 2

· On completing the fourth block of productivity, take a 20 –30 minute break. Then reset the interval count and return to step 1.

These days there are variations on the ratios of time yet, the message remains the same. Focus on the task at hand and minimise interruption.

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